Geneva Cat Photography: Timmy & Piper

June, 2018

by Dana, loving mother of her adopted cats Timmy & Piper

Timmy: Loving, Curious + Friendly

chicago pet photography portrait of darling long haired grey cat with green gold eyes

Likes: garbage day, spying on neighbors, making new friends

Timmy is a rescue cat who came into our lives in November of 2014. My family and I had just walked into Petco to pick up some cat food when we saw this friendly little fellow sitting in a cage near the door. He was very interested in us, becoming visibly animated and excited as we approached his cage. His name plaque read "Timothy." We were tickled by that; such a cute name for a little gray cat. My sister and I asked if we could play with him, and that's all it took for us to decide that he needed to become part of our family.

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  • grey cat looks out window

His first day home, my husband (then boyfriend) came for a visit. A lifelong dog lover, he immediately formed a bond with Timmy that completely transformed him into a cat person. When we got engaged a few months later, the joke was that he wouldn't marry me unless Timmy and I were a packaged deal.

geneva rescue cat photography
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The bond I have with Timmy is unlike any I've ever had with another cat. When I'm home, we are rarely apart. He follows me from room to room, content just to be in the same space as me. He likes to end the night by hopping up on the bed and propping himself up comfortably against my leg or hip. One of his most endearing qualities is the way in which he demands both food and attention by meowing a particularly high-pitched, kitten-like meow, tilting his head up towards the ceiling like a little wolf pup howling at the moon. He runs to the door every time we have visitors, eager to make new friends. He likes to oversee garbage day, watching intently out the window to make sure everything goes according to plan. I think everything he does is adorable, but as his Mom I'm clearly biased. That day at Petco nearly four years ago surely was fate, and I am so grateful to have my little Timmy boy in my life.

Piper: Sweet, Sassy + Stubborn

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Likes: food (it's the love of her life and the reason she gets up every morning)

My husband and I rescued Piper in April of 2017. Once again, we had wandered into Petco to pick up cat food. Against my better judgment, I found myself walking towards the area where they keep rescued cats available for adoption. In a small, cramped little cage, I saw a fuzzy black cat, so small she resembled a kitten. She began nuzzling the glass of her cage as I approached her. She tracked my movements, pawing at the cage and meowing at me. I was captivated by her, to say the least. I gave my husband a look, and he just knew it meant she'd soon be coming home with us.

When we got her home a few days later, the little cat I'd perceived to be so friendly seemed to flip her personality. She hissed at everything and shied away from the windows because merely viewing the outside world terrified her. The sound of the garage door opening was enough to raise her hackles and make her growl. She was perpetually frightened, hiding under the desk and bed in a tight crouch, and only coming out for food. A few weeks later, when she seemed a bit more comfortable with her new surroundings, we began the very slow process of introducing her to our cat Timmy. It didn't go well. I agonized over my decision to bring her home. I thought I was doing the right thing in rescuing another cat, but now I had second thoughts. Was I merely creating a life of misery for both cats because of my selfish desire to bring a second cat home? It broke my heart to think that I was making either one of my cats unhappy, but my husband encouraged me to be patient and have faith. We continued with the painstakingly slow introduction process, and by September the two were able to live side by side.

We continue to be amazed by how far Piper has come. While still shy with strangers, she will greet members of our extended family at the door. She loves to nuzzle us when she wants attention, and she emits the cutest little outraged meow in the mornings when demanding breakfast. Once afraid to be so exposed, she will now curl up on our bed and settle in with us for the night. She is sweet and sassy as can be, always reminding us that she's truly the one in charge. Our continued love and patience encouraged her to emerge from her shell, and that is the greatest gift she could have ever given us.

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